Friday, November 16, 2012

Sugar and Spice

I have to say, isn't she the sweetest "princess"?! Here's the latest dress from Laura is featuring this pattern on sale today. Laura's patterns are easy to stitch together. You can also get a paper pattern and fabric in a kit from Fine Stitchery.
When I first saw the smock plate, I knew I had to add bling to it. And the design is not too fussy as to be overwhelming.
The hem is madeira and kind of a challenge with the satin I used. If you are new heirloom, I would say use cotton. The white is cotton sateen from Fine Stitchery. Everything Laura says about it true. It's my favorite fabric to smock/sew with.
I have to say Laura really flattered me in her blog post today! It makes me want to be friends with "me". My wish is that all you readers have a friend as sweet as Laura. She's a wonderful designer. I'm always anxious to see what she will dream up next for us to sew.

Here's another dress from the same Sugar & Spice pattern. Oops, looks like the collar was up when I snapped the pic. I can say that it doesn't do that in real life. Today I will be finishing the hem and buttonholes on this dress. Then I need to get going on some xmas dresses I started as gifts a couple months ago for a friends two daughters. After that I will doing some smocking tutorials.
Till next time, happy smocking everyone!


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Kathy said...

Cute! Love the fluffy trim on the collar of that satin/sateen dress and the bling in the smocking really sets it off.