Sunday, December 18, 2011

So Much to Share

AS&E "Autumn Gold" size 6

I have lots and lots of pics to share with everyone and some very awesome news to share. But that will have to wait until the end of this post. (And don't you dare speed ahead and look)

I can't remember what issue "Autumn Gold" is from, but if you go on the Country Bumpkin website, they most issues, designers, etc listed.

Here's a dress I've done many times, it's one of my faves. It's from Gail Doane's book, Sew Cute Couture also published by Country Bumpkin. Please excuse my not ironing before taking pics.

If you've seen other designs from Gail Doane, you'll agree she's one of the best out there. Course, in the world of smocking, there are many, many talented ladies who tirelessly share their wonderful creations with us.

This dress is also a size 6

This dress is from issue 139, 2011 of Sew Beautiful. I used the Baubles & Glister smock plate by Laurie Anderson. She's another wonderfully, creative lady who is generous. She has great tutorials on her blog.

(Did you race ahead to see what my surprise is?) Okay, I won't keep all you followers and friends in suspense any longer. In last week's newsletter from Country Bumpkin, this little blog got a mention. Here's the exact words they sent out:

An honourable mention of Jan's Smocking I feel is also needed.  I noticed a number of our AS&E garments showcased on her blog and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to acknowledge what a

wonderful job she has done.

As you can see I'm pleased as punch with those absolutely awesome ladies at Country Bumpkin. I endorse anything they put out as the best you can find for smocking and embroidery. Country Bumpkin rocks. They've given me some new followers and I hope all you new ladies will enjoy all my new projects in the coming year. Happy smocking everyone!