Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Miss TinkerBelle

Here's the costume I made for my friend, Jerri's granddaugher, Princess I. Isn't she absolutely the cutest?!
Jerri's wrists have been in braces for a couple months, she has "Mother's Wrist". So she came to me a few weeks ago and asked if I would like to make Tinkerbelle. Of course, I said yes.
Even after all the petals, which felt like I was making dozens and dozens, I'm so happy I helped Jerri out, cuz Princess I made one darn cute Tinkerbelle!
Yes, we are at Hancock's and everyone who saw Princess thought she was the cutest Tinkerbelle.
In a few days, when I get a little more done with the pattern I'm testing, I will share with you what it looks like. It's coming along nicely.
I've also got to get started on the mystery sampler that Adorable Heirlooms has got going on. First I need some fabric. And no I don't have the right print. I want a print, but something that is a pastel and a very subtle pattern.
Till next time, happy smocking everyone!

Monday, October 15, 2012

A Passed Down Dress

This is a dress I made a few years ago for a friend's daughter. The current princess wearing it in this pic is her younger daughter, Princess R. Isn't she the cutest? My friend, Rana, says her is her daughter's favorite and wears this dress at least once a week. I'd have to say it looks as nice as the day I finished it. I asked a few weeks ago what this princess' favorite color is and she told mom . . . rainbow. I suppose that means I can do whatever I want. How nice is that!
This past week I've been sick. First I get a cold which then turns into pneumonia. After a couple days of antibiotics then it decided to be bronchitis. Finally I feel like doing a little sewing again instead of just thinking about sewing. I don't like having to curb my smocking. That does not make me happy, but seeing cute a cute little girl in a smocked dress does!
I'm going into pattern testing mode this afternoon.
Happy smocking everyone!