Sunday, November 25, 2012

New Nightgown

Here's another pattern being tested for Ellie Inspired. It's a new nightgown. This is totally what a princess would wear to bed don't you think?! (oops, like like it's hanging a little wonky on the hanger.)
Here's a view of the back. The buttons look kind of yellow, but they are just an off white.
The nightgown pattern doesn't have any smocking instructions, but I decided to add that. I looked through some of my plates, but didn't find anything I liked. So I made up my own. The diamonds are 6-step trellis with 7cables in between. I love the little rosebuds on the bottom row scallops!
Here's the sleeve before I sewed the gown up. The smocking is a simple trellis. When adding lace to the bottom of your sleeves; you will need to flatten out the pleats before doing any smocking. After lace is added, pull your pleats back up to the desired width.
Here's sneak peak of another nightgown I'm using with the same pattern. The next part I need to get done is some shadow embroidery. I'm going to use holly leaves on the bodice and around the bottom of the skirt. This gown will have long sleeves.
You may have noticed I now have tabs at the top of my page. I've decided to put my tutorials up there. Just learned how to add pages to my blog. I'm not very literate with computers. But I wanted everyone to be able to have as much fun with their creations as I do. I will be doing tutorials for smocking as soon as I get some time. Hahaha, am I just kidding myself. Actually, I will make time for these tutorials.
Happy smocking everyone!


Lee said...

I love the rosebuds on the scallops, too! Looking forward to seeing the Christmas version!!

Alejandra Alejandro said...

Fantastic work.