Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Victoria in Her Dress

Victoria and her gramma, Bonnie, came and got her dress. You should have seen her. She made a feeble attempt at not wanting to show everyone her dress, but we didn't believe her. And I said that every dress I give her, she has to model for everyone. Even the customers got in on it. She looks so darling in her dress.
Earlier in the day I had a customer ask if I sell my stuff and I said no. I make them and give them to little girls. She looked at me like I had grew horns or something. I get more happiness out of giving the princess clothes away than if I got paid. If someone insists I take money I will let them give me something for it. But I'd rather it was a gift. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a happy little girl is worth a million dollars.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Princess Bling Galore!

Victoria's dress is done. And let me tell you, it's alot of dress. With lining, dress fabric, and 2 layers of tulle over the top. Kind of makes me tired thinking about it. I don't normally do a dress with this many layers, but when this little girl puts this dress; it will all be worth it. I'll post a pic when I get one. Bonnie is going to bring her granddaughter into the store tomorrow evening and we will do fashion show. That will fun! Bonnie had told me yesterday when she saw the dress mostly finished that Victoria will want to wear it on Friday for picture day (picture a happy me) instead of the sundress she had made her a couple of weeks ago. I can't help puffing up with pride. I make all my dresses with loads of love.
I did have a pic of the hem, but the pic turned out really fuzzy, so I dumped it. Same with a close up of the smocking. I need to get a manequin to put my dresses on for pictures. Hmmm . . . maybe that's some good to go look for.
Today, I have been at Hancock Fabrics for 9 years. Doesn't seem that long to me. I guess the old saying of time flies when you're having fun is true. Most days I really like my job. In the spring I'm gonig to teach smocking, I'm thinking of a one evening class of smocked socks, I love those. Then probably a bonnet, after that a dress, can't decide between a bodice dress or a bishop.  I started with a bodice dress, because pleating a bishop intimidated me. Didn't pleat anything bishop until 1 1/2 years ago, then I did an angel top for a 4 yr old. Got over my trepidation after it turned out so nice.
Okay, now I'm gonig to work on my surf monkey romper. Can't say how soon I will get that one done. Hopefully it won't take too long. I'm anxious to get started on some xmas dresses. Especially one with snowflakes on it. I love changes of fabric prints as the seasons change, but I don't love the extremes in temperature. I'd be perfectly happy with it staying around 65 to 70 all year round, but hold the humidity please.
Ok, I'm off and sewing again. Maybe I will take time and pleast up a dress front with the snowflakes on it. Can't go too long without smocking somthing you know. Happy stitching girls!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Wish I Had More Time to Sew

I have so many projects I want to work on, but at work we are now into the busy retail season. Everyone is either making Halloween costumes are they are working on xmas gifts. BUSY, BUSY, BUSY! So busy in fact that I've only been able to sew one day this week. I'm afraid with extra hours at work me only time sewing will be on my days off.
I did get my daygown all finished including rinsing out the blue marker for the embroidery stitching, doing a final pressing. I wasn't too thrilled with the hem at first, but after getting it all pressed, I'm satisfied with the results. The scalloped trim is crocheted. I really hope Jeannie B does another sew-a-long, I will be involved. It was so much fun reading everyone's comments and of course doing all the hand sewing. She has inspired with this sew-a-long to start a smocking class in the spring. So in the back of my mind, I have been thinking what exactly I want to do with my classes.
My cover issue dress is have finished. Now I just need time to sew sleeves, hems and buttons. I've shown the smocking to the little girl, Victoria, who is getting the dress when it's done and she loves it. In my area there is a place that does princess tea parties at a replica of a castle; as well as weddings/receptions. Well, I met the guy who owns it and he says they are going to do a tea party next month. All the little girls dress up in princess dresses. At the castle Snow White answers the door. About halfway through the party, Prince Charming rings the door bell and all the "princesses" get to try on the glass slipper. Of course, none of the little girls fit the slipper and then Cinderella descends the staircase and there is happily ever after. "sigh" I so want to be a princess. The owner says that all the moms and grammas dress as princesses also. I would like to get this cover dress done and borrow Victoria so I have an excuse to go to this princess party. If anyone wants to see what this castle looks like, here's the link:

Maybe with all the crazy buzy time at work, I will have to do another hand-stitched baby gown. Hmmm.
Well, I will always have some smocking project going. Hopefully with my next post I'll have a princess dress done! Happy stitching everyone.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hippity Hop

                               Pattern from the book "Sew Cute Couture" by Gail Doane
                                    Smock plate is "Bunny Lace" from Pat Garretson
I just finished a bunny dress. I'm fairly happy with it. I've had a hard time feeling like being at the sewing machine the past couple of weeks. Kind of tired and I wasn't any more energized when I sat down at the sewing machine after work today. But somehow sitting at the machine and sewing my mood changed and now I feel so much better. Of course, now I'm sharing with all of you and I love doing show-n-tell! So that brings out the sunshine in me so much more.
I love Gail Doane's book! I would love to do every dress and jacket in there. She just put up some new pics of two new dresses on her blog. I adore the white dress with the purple beads. Here's the link if you want to check it out.
I finished the pleating on my lavender dress with the overlay of tulle. I was a little nervous at first to put it through the pleater, but I went slow and unloaded the needles about every 6-8 pleats. Now I'm about 1/2 done with the smocking. I always seem to have so many dress fronts all smocked up and ready to be sewn into a finished garments. I'd have to say it's much easier when you've had a long or rough day to just pick up smocking or embroidery than it is to go to my sewing machine. Handwork helps me to de-stress.
I belong to a yahoo chat group "Learning to Smock" and had one of the nicest emails from one of the girls in the group. So Marcia, if you are reading this post, here's a shout to you. THANK YOU!
I've already said thanks earlier to her, but I thought it deserved repeating. Here's wishing everyone a few hours of lovely stitching time to destress.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Lots to do Today

I was thinking of everything I need to do today and it's going to crowd into my sewing time. Here's my list of stuff to do today:
Grocery shopping (rather be sewing)
Take Rachelle to renew license (rather be sewing)
Go buy more bling for new dress front (ok since it has to do with sewing)
Add items to my Etsy page for sale (for my go to 2011 SAGA convention)

Maybe I can get away with minimal groceries. Hmm . . . . mabybe not. Don't think I better skip that, gotta eat sometimes.
We got the next lesson in Jeannie Baumeister's Sew-A-Long. Stitching side seams and attaching lace to entredeux. I'm going to do a crocheted trim on my daygown. I've done that once before on a dress and it turned out beautiful. Since I chose to do my gown in cotton sateen, I need a little heavier trim; so the crocheted trim should go nicely with it. As you can see from the pics I will have to rinse out the soluble pen lines. I'm been having lots of fun with the sewalong. I hope Jeannie does another one. I will definitely be part of it. I just love her stuff.
The past week I've been working on hand-basting 2 layers of tulle to a layer of dull satin for a dress for a granddaughter of a lady I work with. The dress is lavender with sparkle tulle overlays. It's the dress from the front cover of AS&E issue 90.
Don't know if I will get time to stitch together my Surf Monkey romper today. I also need to finish up a size 3 bishop with bunnies smocked into it. I always have more projects going that I know what to do with. At least I'm not board!
I ordered some patterns from Fairytale Frocks and Lollipops this morning. They are from Olabelhe and you can download them and start sewing right away. Less expensive than patterns you have to ship and I saved a copy on my computer. I only printed off the actual pattern pieces. I think look at instructions later if I have a any questions. The patterns are simple enough for beginners, though they would need to print the instructions also. I think the patterns from Olabelhe are so darling. Can't wait to make some hats. Maybe I can smock some. Hmmm . . . . have to see about that one.
Oh, anyone whose interested, on SewNSo blog, Laurie is doing lessons on a smocked bishop and I just read that Lesson 2 is up. She is doing the lessons on video. That's great for all the new smockers and she gives tips for some of us that are experienced. Well, I better get my errands done so I can have a date with my sewing machine. Happy smocking everyone!