Sunday, May 15, 2011

I'm Still Here

Yes, it's been a very long time since I last posted. I have to apoligize for that. I really admire all you who are able to post everyday or at least every couple of days. Anyway, here's one of the dresses I worked on since last posting. Sorry the second pic is blurry, but it is now very much loved by an even busier mom who is co-owner to a mexican restaurant. That makes it all worthwhile doesn't it?!
Here's the info on the dress if anyone is interested in making one:
Fabric is from Hancock Fabrics (it's from a couple of years ago), and as soon as mom told me "Princess" loves green, I just knew I was going to use this very springy green cotton and this smock plate, which is Francesca by Pat Garretson Designs.
I did change it a little bit, which I'm sure Pat wouldn't mind at all. Instead of the roses in the smock plate I sewed in crystals and I wanted to add in the white glass sead beads.
I had taken the top pic before I did a final pressing on the skirt. I never give my garments away until it has that final pressing done. I don't think I could live with myself. I would definitely feel like I had not finished the garment.
Speaking of pressing and ironing, I always use Mary Ellen's Best Press. It's my favorite product in the world, I swear by this stuff! Needless to say, my iron gets a workout with each garment. From ironing a piece of cotton after taking it out of the dryer, to pressing each seam, to finally ironing the finished project. There are a few girls who have had posts about ironing and pressing in the past couple of days. I have to share a little tidbit with everyone. My mom has told me I am a better seamstress than she is. She sewed clothes for me and my 5 siblings growing up because she had to. But she didn't press seams as she went. I learned in junior high sewing class that you need to do that to have a nice looking garment when you are done.
The other items I've been working on are: "Wild At Heart" issue 90 AS&E and also "Journey" issue 94 AS&E (it's the one on the front cover, love it!).
I haven't had much time in the last couple weeks to post. I've been pleating items for 4 clients and had smocking lessons with 3 new students. They are doing fabulously well. One is going to be a gramma in July and is smocking the blessing dress, her very first project. This baby will be granddaughter #2. I'm excited to see how much fun she will continue to have learning to smock. She may even decide to purchase a pleater in the near future. I've told her to beware: smocking is addicting; as all you are well aware.
Bye for now and happy smocking everyone!