Sunday, January 22, 2012

More Vacation Fun

Couldn't you just see a little princess wearing a wreath of daisies in her hair with this dress? I used a print from a couple years ago that I purchased at Craft Warehouse. Well, the border print anyway. The other print was from Hancock Fabrics.

You can see some little ridges. That is where I had to rip out stitches from smocking. I had seen this dress in one of the A-Z books and tried to go off a small picture for the smocking, but right after our kitty passed away my good friend, Marie J, got the issue this dress is from. Since the smocking was not quite right, ripping out was the order of the day. I always use a steel crochet hook when taking out unwanted stitches. And wrong stitches are always unwanted. The stitches come out much easier than w/o using one.

Anyway, the name of the dress is "Spirit of Adventure" issue 34. Isn't the keyhole opening cute? I did change a little bit on the dress from the original. No angel wings. Although I do like angel wings, I decided it just didn't go on this dress. I do wish I had piped the neck and the armholes. But it still turned out cute and I don't think the princess I give this to will even care. Well, I've many more items to stitch up. I'm thinking of finishing up some other dresses. I have loads of dress fronts stitched up and need to finish up the whole dress. Well, off I go to sew.
Happy smocking everyone!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Vacation Project

"Marigold" issue 97 AS&E. The above photo is the true color of the dress. See what fun I'm having on vacation?!

I can't remember wear I bought this fabric. I think it was on my trip to Paducah, Kentucky a few years ago. That was one FUN vacation! I changed the dress a little from the magazine. I didn't put the ruffle at the neckline. It seemed a little more practical for a toddler. This issue of AS&E has some darn cute stuff! I'm definitely going to stitch up the two piece outfit, "Spring Song". Hancock Fabrics has the best print for the capris. A wonderful bright spring print, stay tuned for that one. Hopefully it won't be long and I'll be working that one up. So much smocking to be done, so little time!

I've also been working on the Facebook Challenge for January at Adorable Heirlooms. Here's what I have finished so far. (We are getting instructions as we go.)

And can I have another weeks' vacation please! My vacation is half over, phooey! I'm getting lots sewed and stitched in the meantime. I should have another dress sewn up tomorrow or the next day. This one is from an older issue of AS&E. It's yellow and has some black accents. And I'm also working on a lavender dress front. Again, I say, so little time!
Happy smocking!

Monday, January 9, 2012


Isn't this the cutest ever! I used McCalls 6497 in a size 3 and all the fabrics, trim and buttons are from Hancock Fabrics. The fabric is from a new Top Drawer collection, I think it's called "Juliette".

There was no smocking, but you know me, I just HAD to put some in.

I added in the big layered flower at the waistline. It's attached with a snap for easy washing. I'm very happy with how this outfit turned out. It's just too cute for words. And the little girl who I made this for is going to be even cuter in it. I've know "mom" as a customer for awhile now and just met the princess I'm sewing this for. Very curly, light blond hair. She's going to be a doll in this outfit!
I've got some chocolate ice cream calling my name.
Happy smocking everyone.

Friday, January 6, 2012

January Facebook Challenge

As I stated in the title, this is for the challenge at Adorable Heirlooms on Facebook. Some people don't like Facebook, but I've met some very nice ladies there. They share my passion for smocking and sewing. Just like you the reader wouldn't be following my posts if you weren't interested and loved smocking.

I know this is at the bottom of the work. But that's how the written instructions were posted. I do usually start at the top of the garment, but I'm one who likes to follow instructions when given. Anyway, this is the first leg of the challenge completed a couple days ago. And I thought who better to share with than all my smocking friends here.

The next thing I've got to finish is the model garment I stared on last weekend for Hacock Fabrics. It seems some weeks I only get to be at the sewing machine when I'm off work for a day. I will be taking a week's vacation soon. So I'm sure I will get loads of sewing time then. But I may just want to spend my time smocking. I do love it!
Happy smocking to everyone!

Monday, January 2, 2012

First Projects of 2012

 It seems I've been racing through making garments the last month. Of course, it helps when you've already have the smocking part of it done. The smocking is my favorite part of making a new piece to add to a "princess" wardrobe. Don't get me wrong, I do love planning out a new project and getting that great sense of accomplishment when finished. Anyway, here's what I've finished up today (sewing the buttons on).

"Wild At Heart" issue 90 AS&E. The floral print is from Hancock Fabrics (and it was so pretty, it's now all gone from my store). My daughter loved the print and asked if she could have what was left. Alas, I only had about 1/4 yard left, but she was very happy for that little piece. This dress is a size 4. I'm thinking of putting in a growth tuck so that a little girl that's 3 years old can wear it.

If you have the issue this dress came from you will notice I did not stitch in the picture smocked hearts. I think it would have taken away from the dress. I had stitched in one heart and then decided it didn't look good, so the ripping of stitching commences. 

 As you can see I put a belt on the back instead of a bow. Much more comfortable on a little girl's back when sitting at church. And you can get away with purchasing less fabric.

 Next item is a bishop blouse using a basic bishop pattern (I used AS&E) in a size 5. The finished length is 20in. This includes a 2in. hem.

 The smock plate is "Hannah's Ladybugs" by Cross-eyed Cricket Smocking. I used beads for the spots instead of french knots. And you will be proud of me, the only thing I had to purchase was buttons and those I got at half off. So the whole thing only cost me about 56 cents. Everything else is from the stash.

Here's another stash buster garment. I used a smock plate from AS&E, but I can't remember what issue it's from. Wish I had a better memory. 

I try very hard to not have my bishop "turtle-necking". It really bugs me when I see someone is selling a bishop garment that has a turtleneck. Thank goodness I've only ever seen great bishop tops and dresses in AS&E! They are the absolute best!

In the latest issue, #97, I finished the smocking to "Marigold". And I've been hard at work on an ensemble for a model garment to hang up at work. (For all you new to my blog, I work at Hancock Fabrics.) We've got some new Top Drawer prints and I'm using a new McCall's pattern just out last week. I hope to have it done by the end of the week. I was able to sneak some smocking into the top of the skirt portion of the blouse. It's looking very cute!

The next thing I've got to do is pleat up a piece for a challenge on Facebook. Adorable Heirlooms is having a smocking challenge this month. I have to say if you are not involved with Laurie's challenges on FB, go like her page and get involved with next month's challenge. I've had great fun being involved! It really stretches the creative side of my brain. Anyway, I've got to go started on that. So with that said, happy smocking everyone!