Saturday, November 26, 2011

Baby Challenge Dress

Didn't this dress turn out so sweet? I used it as therapy after our kitty passed away. Smocking and embroidery certainly do a great job of that. Well, anything we can do with our hands.

Dress is "Mignonette" from AS&E 89. I made a 6 mos. size. I used poly/cotton batiste from Hancock Fabrics. Smocking and embroidery is DMC floss. You'll notice that the bodice is a "T" and it was not so nice to put in. Should have done a little more handwork on that part.

Love the shadow work bows.

Here's a pic of the inside. I don't usually show a pic of that, but I thought it was a good idea to share that every once in a while. I've had a few people ask who I'm going to give it to, but I don't have any idea. Maybe it will just be something that goes in my stash of baby items. Haven't decided yet. The issue I got this dress out of is one of my faves. There is a great tutorial in it on crocheted lace edging. I have the next 2 days off work and a couple of other smocked dresses to work on. Sounds like a plan for fun, fun, fun to me! Happy smocking everyone!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Little Miss Cutey

Look at this little girl. Isn't she absolutely the cutest thing in my prize winning dress! My friend's granddaughter didn't quite fit into the dress (I'm now making the next size up for the granddaughter), so she decided to look around at church for someone who would fit into the dress. She made a great choice of princess.
The next item I need to get finished is my baby dress I'm making for a Facebook challenge at Adorable Heirlooms. Maybe I will win this time. Laurie does a new challenge each month. If you haven't gotten involved in one yet, I saw take the plunge. It's lots of fun and there are some great prizes. Here's a sneak peak of the smocking on the dress. I'm using an old issue of AS&E for the baby dress.

I was going to buy buttons today, but phooey I forgot. Gotta try to remember to get them tomorrow. The bodice had a "T" yoke on it and I'm not very happy with how it went together. But I know I'm my own worst critic, so I'll just have to be happy with the results, which aren't all that bad. It's just when the smocking and embroidery come together so easily for me, it's hard to not be judgemental on something else that's not going as I would wish. I'll just have to get over it and move on.

I'm feeling much better now, thank's everyone for your kind comments.
Happy smocking!

Monday, November 21, 2011

A Sad Note

I haven't been to busy with anything for the past week. On Sunday November 13th at 9:45pm our kitty passed away. She was very much loved and will be sorely missed. She was 14 years old and lived a life any cat would have loved. I thought my daughter would be the most upset on her passing, but instead it's me who's cried the most. Rachelle sat by our kitty (I just couldn't) and petted her. I on the other hand sat in my room and cried my eyes out. Rachelle was very worried over me and asked my mom if I was okay. I have the best daughter anyone could hope to ask for.
I am on the mend emotionally, but I still have tough times. How long does it take to feel sort of normal again? I'll just have to let myself grieve over our little cat.

I have taken up my needle and worded on my smocking and embroidery for comfort. It's amazing how much. I hopefully will be back to my old self soon.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Another Xmas Dress

Pattern from Ellie Inspired "Alouette" size 7. I had to size the pattern up from size 5. If you haven't checked out any of Laura's patterns, go to her website and blog. She's an amazing designer!

I used red cotton sateen, tulle and organza from Hancock Fabrics. If I could do anything different I would have put French Fuse on the back of the bodice fabric before pleating. Oh well, live and learn. Cotton sateen goes through the pleater super easy and stitches up like a dream! If you haven't tried using it yet, go, buy, stitch!

Sorry the pic is so orange, I forgot to put the flash on for this one. The dress is really the color of the previous two pics.

This is a costume I stitched up for a customer who came into the store where I work. She is a novice sewer and was not going to be able to finish it before her daugher was going to wear it for Halloween.

Daughter and friends decided to be the Ingalls' girls for Halloween. How cute is that?! Doesn't she make the cutest "Carrie Ingalls"?!
Well, my next project is a baby challenge on Facebook for Adorable Heirlooms. I'm going to use "Mignonette" issue 89 from AS&E.
Till next time, happy smocking everyone!