Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Sorry I'm late with this blog post, I was way too tired yesterday.
This I one of the dress patterns I tested for Laura at Ellie Inspired. Isn't it fun for xmas?! I made a size 3 out of flannel. I'm going to give it to my friend, Jerri for her granddaughter. The same little princess I made the Tinkerbelle costume for.

The smock plate is an easy one to accomplish. The buttons I found at Walmart, but try any craft store or scrapbook store. The different scrapbook stores in Boise have lots of things that those who sew will use to embellish cute clothes with. You'll notice I did double piping at the waist. I thought it needed to have that little of something extra.
Here's an up close shot of the upper bodice and the collar. I can see that I need to lower the right-hand button just a tad.
At the cuff I decided to use giant ricrac. I thought it would be cute to maybe stitch tiny buttons on the the ricrac points. It's cute without the buttons.
Here's a view of the back of the dress. I chose to put a belt on instead of a sash. The ribbon at the bottom of the skirt had wire in it and I took that out. I stitched more of the giant ricrac to the top and bottom of the ribbon. Cute, right?!
And here's the original dress Laura designed. Isn't it the sweetest, dreamiest dress?! And her daughter as the model is darling. I'm going to HAVE to make one like this for spring. One of the other testers, Angela did the most outstanding job on this dress. She was lamenting all the bullion roses, 81 I think, that she needed to stitch. But look at the statement this dress makes. All those bullions were worth it in the end. She is definitely an expert at them now.
The other dress I tested, "Sugar & Spice" is due to be released. I can't wait to see how Miss Ellie looks in it.
Happy smocking everyone!


Kathy said...

I fell in love with The Quilt Crossing when I was in Boise last weekend. It was the only fabric shop I had time to visit and I'm really glad I chose it! (We were there for a friend's wedding) (Do wish I'd had time to stop into Knit Wit.)
This is a cute pattern and I love your treatment of it, but I'm really not sure I like the look of the flannel fabric for a dress. It would definitely be warm and practical for church, though! Every church I've ever been to was frigid in the winter!

Jan said...

I love Quilt Crossing. I go there when I'm looking for something special. And it's only a couple miles from my house. Phooey, I wish you had been able to come to Hancocks, since I work there. I hope you had a nice time here and that people treated well.

Colleen said...

I love your Holly dress I would like to do it with machine embroidery sometime. also thank you for your kind comment on my blog.