Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Rainbow Dress

Well, here it is; the rainbow dress. Since the print is bright and a little on the busy side, I kept the smocking simple. It's just a baby wave, cable combo. And how do you like the button accents?! Adds a little flair w/o being too fussy.
I used "Wild At Heart" from AS&E for the pattern. The plate I made up myself. And btw, I started over 3 times on the smocking. I also took off 9 inches on the bottom of the skirt so that I could add a band along the bottom.
The ribbon sash is completely removable if the princess's mom wants to only wash the dress. The sash keepers are a detached buttonhole stitch. Now to get this dress and the previous one sent off to my friend so two little princesses can have some new dresses for xmas.
I'm glad I didn't try to do more xmas dresses than what I did.
Next up is finishing the holly embroidered nightgown.
Did you all know Country Bumpkin is coming out with a new smocked party dress book next year. Yay! I need some new inspiration from them.
Happy smocking everyone!


5Bent Needles said...

those buttons finish the dress so well, they complement the bright rainbow colours, great choices

Yesteryear Embroideries said...

How beautiful! You did such a wonderful job and the buttons are perfect with it!

Unknown said...

Beautiful, Jan! Perfect for the little girl's request for a dress in "rainbow." Won't her mother be surprised! I love the buttons and especially that you carried them down to the bottom border. Very nice!

Unknown said...

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