Monday, February 20, 2012

What I've Done

Hey Everyone,
Here's what I finished up for the FB challenge. I'm thinking I should have done pink bows. Well, I'm not going to take them out now. I'm already planning the rest of the dress. I'm going to have to start on the collar and cuffs pretty soon. I expect we won't have that much time to finish up whatever we decided to sew with our piece. I'm going to do the collar in white sateen with either shell pink piping or I'm going to stitch bead trios around the edge. Gail Doane just posted a new dress on her blog a couple days ago. The pink and grey dress is my kind of dress, well, because it's pink of course. Maybe my nickname should be Pinky :)
I've also been working on the bodice for the top on the outfit I'm giving to the fundraiser. I'm almost finished with the smocking. Since it's on black sateen, it's not going as fast as I normally can stitch. Twenty-one rows it kind of alot. I've got about 6 more rows to go and then I can get started on the bullion daisies. They are going to be 3 different pinks, baby, bubblegum and fuschia. And I'm making the centers of the flowers either beads or crystals. Gotta have bling!
Well, I'm off to go smock!

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