Monday, February 27, 2012

Update on "Dress For Success" Donation

Burda Kids 9494 view C

Butterfly print from Hobby Lobby, smock plate done on black sateen from Hancock Fabrics, piping and trim made from Kona cotton also from Hancock Fabrics. My fave fabric is sateen, it needles so easily! I still need to sew on buttons, I'm going to cover them with matching hot pink gingham. 

Here's my idea for the capris. Floral print will be the main body, piping out of the polka dot, ruffle from the stripe and edged with black sateen. I just hope this outfit won't look to busy. But I don't think it will; since so many boutique patterns now days are done with many, many prints you can put together.
Enjoy your week, I'm hoping to have the capris done soon and get started sewing on the dress for the FB challenge. I have to get that done by March 9th. Till next time, happy smocking everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Love the smocking on the black, it really sets it off nicely. The dress is darling, & I agree about the sateen, its lovely to work with.