Friday, February 17, 2012

Four Days of Bliss

Sorry, no pics today. But lots of stuff happening. I have 4 days off work, a mini-vaca! I got some tax money back, yeah! Today, I'll have one of my brothers go with me to pick up a new ceiling fan for my bedroom. The old one only works on high and I don't necessarily want a wind tunnel in my room when I'm relaxing and smocking or when I need to go to sleep. The past couple nights I've been burning up. Going through menopause is no fun. Granted I'm only 43 and I've been in menopause for about 6 years now. That's pretty young, but I guess when your body decides it's done with certain things, well, it's done. Since I don't want to have more kids, it is taking longer than I want. Can't I just be done with the whole messy business?!
Anyway, I went and bought a few more pieces of fabric to go with the outfit I'm going to put into the fundraiser. I'm currently waiting for the dryer to get finished with the towels so I can put the black sateen into dry. I'm still in the planning stages of the top, but I will give you a little bit of a teaser about it. It's going to have smocking on the top of the bodice (can't not smock!). And it will be a teared, ruffled sleeveless top and capris. The main print has a black bground and hot pink butterflies. I decided to do a top with ruffles since they are so in right now. Thank goodness, I love ruffles. I'm thinking I will do a size 5 or 6 and decorate a pair of flip flops. I hope I will have some pics to tide you over later today or sometime tomorrow.
Oh, yes, wanted to share that I joined Pinterest a couple days ago. If you want to follow me there, type in janssmocking and go from there.
Happy smocking everyone!

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