Friday, August 19, 2011

What I Won at the Fair

This wonderful dress won "Best of Division" Special Occasion, Smocking class.

The ensemble won 1st place Children's Casual Apparel, Ensemble class.

Christening gown won 1st place Special Occasion, Christening Gown class.

This won 1st place, Doll Clothes & Stuffed Toys, Doll Clothing class.

2nd place Embroidery & Crewel, any item class.

Doily won 3rd place in Crochet, Thread Doily over 17". (guess I'm not a one trick pony)

Out of everything I entered the two that surprised me the most was the doll dress and the doily, esp. the doily. I really didn't expect anything ribbon to be on it at all. I was kind of shocked really. But I guess that goes to show you can't second guess yourself or downplay your talents.
Over the next couple of days I will post more pics from this year's fair. There was another lady who put in a bunch of smocked dresses. So she was my competition and I have to say she's VERY good. I put a note on one of her dresses to have her contact me and I'm hoping we can get together some time and talk smocking; my favorite thing to talk about! This lady also won a "Best of Division" with one of her smocked dresses, but I think she entered it in the casual dress class. The funny thing is, I made the same dress at one time :).
All in all I wasn't surprised about my best of division rosette. If my attitude doesn't seem humble, I believe you should toot your own horn once in a while. I don't think it hurts to tell yourself you did good. One of the volunteers asked if I sell my stuff and I said sometimes. I also met one of the new superintendents. She was very nice, but said she was a bit overwhelmed taking over the Home Arts Dept. The other two ladies retired after many, many years. She said the retiring ladies made it much less stressful for them. That's great I think. This lady has been involved with Home Arts for 20 years. But I have to say, I wouldn't want the responsibility of it. So I admire those who can. And all the ladies who helped stage the whole dept. They did that all yesterday and they were back at the fair today for opening day. My hats off to them! Happy smocking everyone!


Cynthia Gilbreth said...

Congratulations! You certainly came home with a bunch of well deserved ribbons. I especially love the first dress, it really is lovely.

I've never entered anything in the fair as I've heard too many horror stories about the judges not knowing enough about the pieces they are judging. Yours seem to know what they are doing.

Jan said...

I actually don't know if any of them have smocked. I visited with one of the ladies in charge of the dept and she said she's never smocked yet. The reason you put stuff in is to share with all the fair goers. The ribbon is just a bonus.

Heidi said...

Congratulations, Jan! All your pieces look beautiful. I'm not a bit surprised at all the ribbons. :-D