Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Dress For Ahnalin

I think Miss Ahnalin looks divine in the dress I made for her! Makes me kind of wish my daughter was still of the age to make smocked stuff for. Alas, they grow up too quickly. I will just have to settle for making things for friends little princesses.
Speaking of friends daughters, my favorite checker at the grocery store told her daughter asked if she could wear her dress everyday. Mom said no, we do have to wash it. I told her I would make her more dresses. What better endorsement could I ask for.
I went to a baby shower Sunday and yes I did take smocked baby items. I didn't get the shoes quite finished, but did give a couple of dresses, a bonnet, some hair bows and a bunch of socks decorated with smocking. Can I brag and say mine was the prettiest gift? The only other person who sewed anything was great gramma-to-be. Almost makes me feel like sewing is a dieing art. I love when I hear of a customer who is going to teach her daughter or granddaughter to sew. But especially love it when we have a young sewist at Hancock's where I work, sign up to get her own mailer to use the coupons. Those girls don't come along very often.
Adorable Heirlooms on Facebook is having a Stash Challenge. If you haven't liked her page yet, go do it and get involved. Whoever makes the most items from their stash will win a gift card to use on the website. I'd say I better get sewing!
Happy smocking everyone!


Cynthia Gilbreth said...

What a beautiful dress! I give smocked and sometimes hand sewn items at showers as well, but I'm generally the only one. You're right, sewing does seem to be a dying art, so get going on that stash!

Goosegirl said...

Ahnalin LOVES her Jan dress! I need to get better photos because I don't think the one I got showed the detail well enough. This dress is exquisite! Thank you so much Jan!!!

Karen said...

The dress looks lovely on the adorable Miss Ahnalin, Jan. You are so sweet to make these princess dresses for so many little lucky little girls.

Isossy Children said...

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