Sunday, September 30, 2012

More Challenge Dresses

What a busy month I've had! I've managed to finish 3 dresses for the Adorable Heirlooms stash challenge. I'm wondering what the other participants came up with. Everything I used in these two dresses I'm sharing came out of my stash.
After stitching the dress together, I wish I had piped the bottom of the insert. But I'm thinking that my hairdresser's granddaughter will not care that I didn't add piping to that area. I looked thru some of my AS&E, but didn't find the exact smock plate I wanted, so I kind of went out on a limb. The three center diamonds are made with Swarofski crystals. Then two side diamonds are made using read sead beads.
I decided to use organza for a skirt border and the ties. I love how it makes a big poufy bow without the huge knot. I made this dress a size 8. I used the same pattern for this dress as I did for the previous dress, The Little Seamstress.
This dress had been waiting for about 5 years for me to finish it. Everything was done except the hem and the buttonholes. I can't remember what pattern from AS&E that I used. This is a size 18 months.
The person I was going to give this dress to five years ago kept pestering me about it and so you can see that I didn't finish it in time for them to have it. I had told someone I would make a dress if I had enough time. Well, we got busy at Hancock's and it never got finished. I guess that goes to show that rude behavior doesn't get you anywhere. I hope she treats people much nicer than she did me.
Lovely bullion rose on the sleeve band.
I added the trim as an afterthought. I only had enough to do the front of the dress. It was an old trim from my lace bag. I sewed it on with a stretch zigzag.
I love using soft colors and tiny prints for babies. I think it lets the baby be the star as they should be. Well, I'm already thinking of my next project. Such are the pitfalls of a creative mind. I wouldn't have it any other way!
Actually, my next project is a model garment to hang up at Hancock's. It's from the Fleece Idea book that is free to all who want one. I'm making a little girl's fleece coat. It will be pink with lime green buttons and lime rickrack trim on the collar and possibly the cuffs as well. But you know the problems of designing, sometimes we have to change things up. I will probably sew the coat up tomorrow. But then again, maybe I will get my instructions tomorrow for pattern testing. I've seen a preliminary design and it's wonderful. So here's hoping I will be able to start on it soon!
Happy stitching everyone!

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