Friday, August 17, 2012

Ribbons, Ribbons, Ribbons

Yep, ribbons galore at the fair!
In this pic, mine is the white smocked doll dress in the center. Ribbon was for "Best of Division" Doll Clothes. The first place ribbon is covered up. At the right of my dress is a crocheted victorian doll. I chatted with the lady who made her.  She got a special award. Isn't she beautiful?! And at the bottom of the pic is some black bobbin lace. I have to say I think those can make bobbin lace are amazing. I don't think I could keep all those bobbins straight. I would always be wondering "now where am I at again".

This dress won "Best of Division" Special Occasion Sewing. Also got a special award. For what exactly, I don't know. I'll probably find out when I pic up my stuff. There were a couple of puckers on the scalloped hem. Maybe the judges were overwhelmed with all the beads I stitched in, not sure. I'll post a better photo after I pick it up in a couple weeks. But I'm not about to argue with the judges. I'll take the ribbons and run! I used an AS&E pattern originally designed by Gail Doane. I just love her designs.

Here's my fish dress with a "Best of Division" Casual Sewing. First place ribbon for "Simple Dress" is covered up. Simple dress to the judges meant no zippers or button openings, just elastic.

Here's the ensemble I entered in the "Ensemble" Casual Sewing and received a blue ribbon. The jacket is from an eyelet I tea-stained to match the dress.

And here's my "Casual Dress" sewing with a blue ribbon for my red button dress. This dress was one of my more favorite ones I entered. Although, I do love all my creations.

Second place "Party Dress" Special Occasion Sewing. You can't see them very well, but I did add crystals into the smocking. Again, I will post better pics after pick up day.
This dress is for my friend at Goosegirl Sews. Hope Miss Ahnalin will like it.

Second place "Any Item of Merit" Casual Sewing. On this jumper I designed the smock plate myself because I couldn't find any published design I was happy with.

First place "Blouse" Casual Sewing. I love the lady bugs on this blouse. I'm happy they hung the blouse with the buttons down the back. Sometimes the volunteers aren't sure what is the back or front of a garment.

First place "Any Item of Merit" Special Occasion Sewing. I have to say, I really hate how this bonnet is displayed. But I do know that the ladies who do the displays for the fair have tons of work to do. So on that note they are forgiven. Maybe next time I need to bring it on a doll that is for display only.

This quilt was made by my best friend, Marie. She got second place on her quilt. Yay Marie!

I'd love to read what the judges said about some of my entries. I received a package in the mail a couple days ago from Hoffman Fabrics. It was my prize of 7 yds of fabric. There were 1 yard cuts in two coord. groups. I will definitely be making something from those beautiful prints. I also received a signed letter from the president of Hoffman Fabrics, which I didn't expect. I have been wearing a special pin sent out to all participants of the challenge. Proceeds from this year's challenge went to the Alzheimer's Foundation. Next year's proceeds are going to the Humane Society. Even though I'm not thrilled with next year's fabric, I may have to do something anyway. Who knows, I might win again. That would be kind of funny I think.
Happy smocking everyone and please enter in your local fair if possible. It's so much fun and everyone that attends loves seeing all the lovely entries. If you don't want to enter, at least go see all the wonderful items displayed.


Cynthia Gilbreth said...

Well done, Jan! Your dresses are beautiful and you certainly deserve all those ribbons.

Jeannie B. said...

Hooray for you! They are all lovely and I am very happy that you won all those ribbons.

RSmith said...

Congratulations on your ribbons. I would assume the special award might be for the most stitches, a new category in the fair book. They added lots of new special awards this year. Again beautiful work!

Martha said...

Wow! What a great show. Congratulations on all of your well deserved ribbons. Applause all around. You do beautiful work.

Heidi said...

Those are all so beautiful! Congratulations again on your wins! Thank you for sharing your dresses with all of us.

Lee said...

Congratulations!! Your dresses are ALL lovely!

Karen said...

Your work is beautiful and deserving of all your ribbons! Congratulations!

Donna said...

Congratulations on all the awards and the beautiful garments! I'm making the shaped yoke Gail Doane dress from her book, but using the AS&E smocking design you used on the Special Occasion dress. I'm not putting beads on mine as it's a more casual outfit, but may make it again with the beads. Yours is lovely. The fabric you chose is so soft and delicate. Thanks for sharing your adorable clothes--a great inspiration.