Monday, August 20, 2012


First of all, I have to say thank you to everyone who left such sweet, lovely comments on my last post. I appreciate every one of them. You are a kind bunch of gals! Here's what I finished today to share with all of you.

Yes there is another hanger in the pic just behind the Cinderella dress. The first set of pics I took looked blurry. This didn't turn out so bad, but I realize I forgot to remove the other hanger.
I can't remember what pattern out of AS&E that I used, but you can use any that fits the princess you are sewing for. Just remember to add in seam allowances above and below the insert and also on the front bodice. I can see that my collar isn't as perfect as I want it to be. But I think I'm the only one who is going to care about that.

I think next time I should use a different collar, but since this dress is going to be for dress up, it doesn't matter as much. I went to get buttons this evening and chatted with my friend who's getting the dress for her daughter. I said maybe she won't have to get a separate costume for her daughter this year for Halloween. Just add a tiara and some sparkly princess shoes and you're ready to go.

I got the fabric at Hancocks and on the insert stitched in beads and also used some blending filament.
I finished smocking an insert a couple days ago for an xmas dress to give to my hairdresser's granddaughter who I just found out has a form of epilepsy. She is a quiet, shy girl and I feel happy to make dresses for her. It's a red print with snowflakes on it. Hopefully I will have it finished this weekend and be able to share another creation with you.
Happy smocking!

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