Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Here Fishy Fishy

Another entry for the fair is done. I got the pattern from SB issue 102. It has tropical fish on the cover. Since stacked cables are not my fave smocking to do, I chose to download the free goldfish design from Kathy Dykstra. It's on the Martha Pullen website. You can use any pattern for a sundress. This one is a halter dress and is shirred in the back with three rows of 1/4" elastic.

I used a M'Liss print from Hancock Fabrics. It's from the "Josie's Aquarium" group; perfect for this dress! I used the instructions for a size 5/6. I thought the fish needed to have bubbles coming out of her mouth, so I added some pearls in graduated sizes.

Here's a shot with the goldfish out of the bowl. In the SB article, they used clear plastic for the fishbowl. I chose to use organza. I wanted the dress to be easy care. For the little goldfish, there was a print of underwater fish fabric, also from Hancock Fabrics. I cut out two fishies, used iron-on interfacing, zigzagged around eat fish, trimmed them and then hand-stitched them together with a blanket stitch. I used a pen to stuff polyfill into my little goldfish. The pocket is a little skued, but still really cute!
Now before I can dye the fabric for a jacket to go with another dress, I need to go by more tea. I drank the last of it this morning stitching up the goldfish. Well, I better get a move on or I will never get finished!
Happy smocking!


Emily M said...

Really pretty - I'm enjoying seeing your projects.

Louise Michie said...

Wow! Someone's dad will adore seeing his little darling in a fishy dress. Such an appropriate motif for a sundress. Next will have to be a starfish dress, and a shell dress, and and and

Lee said...

In Kathy Dykstra's original dress, the pocket was made of organza. It was people from the magazine that took it off and replaced it with plastic. Your iteration looks lovely; I really like that bubbly fabric!!!

Karen said...

Wow! I love it! The fabric is just perfect for an underwater/aquarium dress. Thank you for stopping by my blog the other day and leaving a comment. That was kind of you!