Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hoffman Challenge Dress Finished

I sent off my finished dress for the Hoffman Challenge today. I have to say; I'm not a very patient person. I won't know anything til the end of August on how I did or if I won, which is kind of frustrating. It's definitely worse than waiting to see what ribbons I get when going to the fair. I just heaved a giant sigh. Let the waiting begin.

Sorry this pic is on the blurry side. Must have got too close. Anyway, I asked Laura over at Ellie Inspired if I could use her pattern "Alice Blue" for the contest; she was so gracious and said yes of course. If this dress wins, that will be a big coup for her patterns!

I had a hard time picking out the buttons, I'm such a perfectionist sometimes. But especially for this dress! Since they are iridescent, they pick up all the colors of the dress. I did change from ties to a belt for this dress. That didn't come in the "Alice Blue" pattern, but I think it looks nice with the belt and little princesses don't have a ouch in the middle of their back wearing a belt. After all, when you make princess dress, you want the princess to be comfortable wearing it. I made a size 5. Don't have anyone in particular to give it to, but I may want to hang on to this dress for awhile and enjoy it.

I have another dress to share with you tomorrow. I just need to finish the hem and sew a sash for it. It's it fuchsia and yellow. I saw it on Pinterest and was so taken with it, I just had to stitch it up. Of course I think mine is better, cuz mine has bling on it! The original was hanging in a shop window. Now to get busy with the rest of the fair sewing. Turn in day is August 21, not very much time.
Happy smocking everyone!


Louise Michie said...

This is really lovely. Beautiful choice of colours for the embroidery, piping, and smocking. So calm. Do you ever embroider the belt to match the collar?

5Bent Needles said...

loving the embroidered collar, the belts are a loely change from the bows in the centre back
Good Luch--will check in to see how you go

5Bent Needles said...

oops some typos in the above comment.
Goood LUCK
Lovely change with the belt

Jan said...

Yes, I've embroidered on the belts of dresses, but I didn't have enough time to do that with this one. I will definitely be posting if I win the contest. So here's keeping my fingers crossed!