Tuesday, July 31, 2012

2 Years Old Today!

What a year this has been for me!
I counted up all the outfits I have sewn up and I made 37!
I tested a pattern for Ellie Inspired and Laura is working on more for me to test!
One of my dresses was in the letters to the editor at AS&E.
I won "Curator's Choice" in the Hoffman Challenge.

Taking stock once a year helps me see that I've accomplished lots. Almost one every 10 days.

I talk alot about making "princess clothes" for little girls. With all the yucky this world has, I love to help a girl start on the road to "I am beautiful". So many woman do not feel good about themselves. I hope that my sewing for a little girl and her feeling good about herself can start a lifetime of that. Sometimes, it only takes one person to take an interest in a little person. So every girl should feel like a princess and every woman should feel like a queen at some point in their life. So all you ladies, here's a tiara for you to wear.

Celebrate yourself and your accomplishments! Even if they are very small ones. A bunch of little ones can add up to something big. Don't downplay yourself or let anyone else make you feel less than you deserve!
I want to thank everyone who posted a comment about the challenge dress, you are all wonderful, wonderful queens!
Happy smocking!

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Louise Michie said...

It is interesting how things have widely different meanings depending on a person's values and cultural perspectives. When you generously give these fabulous garments away I see that as sharing your talents and demonstrating that women create excellence through effort and meticulous attention to detail. These clothes would not be considered suitable for school here; girls wear shorts and a polo shirt for school. We are taught that while physical beauty is pleasing to the eye true beauty is not visible it is felt. So you are the beautiful one, not the recipient of the garment you make. We feel your beauty through your needlework and your giving.