Monday, July 23, 2012

A Back To School Dress

Here's what I've spent the last couple hours on today. I hand-stitched the ricrac on the collar pieces. I'm thinking I need to also add some to the belt, sleeve binding and skirt border. Just have to see what emerges in the following week. I'll post the issue of AS&E with the finished dress.
Last night at 9 pm I get a phone call from one of the girls from work. She's in panic/stress mode. She was working on a skirt for her adult niece. All the measurements were taken in the correct place of the body. But the niece was planning on wearing the skirt down around her hips. So of course, it didn't fit. My friend was fit to be tied, so I said I'd be over in a few minutes. After getting to her house, she asks if I would finish it for her, because she can't even look at it anymore she's so stressed. I said yes, of course I'll help you out. Only took a few hours to finish stitching up.
I do have a complaint. Not about my friend, but what's up with girls wanting to wear everything at the hips now days?! I just don't understand it. I suppose that's because I'm not built that way. I need to have skirts/pants/dresses sit at my waist. And these girls who have wear things too tight and get a muffin top along with their low rise pants?! What's attractive about that? I suppose it goes back to women should dress like women, not men. And little girls should dress like what they are . . . . little girls, not young teenagers.

This is a neighbor's kitty. He's been visiting us alot in the past 6 mos. We are loving to him and the owners are not nice to him. So he comes to see us 3 to 4 times a day. He's a very talkative kitty and after loosing our kitty last November, I think we needed him as much as he needed us. We buy food and treats for him and pet him as much as he wants. As you can see, he even comes in our house. I don't understand how the owners can be anything but nice to this kitty. He's the sweetest cat!

Happy smocking everyone!

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