Saturday, September 24, 2011

Pattern Testing

I finished the smocking on the tester pattern for Ellie Inspired. If you like in the pic, you'd love it in person. The pic just does not do the crystals justice. Not one bit. I'm thinking of stitching some bullion roses in the hearts at the bottom, but first I'm going to work on the embroidery on the collar. I'll know more of the direction I want to go after that. I'm pretty pleased with the dress so far.
The fabric is from It's satin batiste, isn't it beautiful fabric?! It's a dream to stitch on and I did fuse French Fuse the the back to plump up the pleats. I used silk floss from Splendor #S995 and the white floss is DMC B5200. Oh, I can't forget the swarofski crystals I think every girls gotta have some bling, esp. the little princesses we sew for. Okay, now on to the collar.
Happy smocking everyone.


Julia said...

This is just absolutely beautiful.. I truly wish I'd had time to make this dress for Ellie Inspired, too. Love the crystals!!! I can't wait to see the finished dress.

Bunny said...

wowza! This is beautiful, Jan.

Just want to thank you for following my blog. Your visits and comments are always appreciated. I am going to sign up to follow yours.