Thursday, September 15, 2011

For the Stash Challenge

I've had the smocking finished for a couple of days, but hadn't had time to take a pic. Usually I don't use a flash when taking pics, but I had to on this one. The pic w/o a flash was way too orange, yuck. I don't do orange anything.

My inspiration was "Angel" issue 88 AS&E and fabric is from Hancock Fabrics.  One of these days I will smock up a match to the original dress in the magazine. I did change the smock plate some. In the past I've mixed cottons and organza and the dresses have turned out lovely. But I couldn't find any ribbon, organza, satin, velvet, nothing except solid poly/cotton broadcloth that I was happy with on the color. Such is life when designing a dress. I used one strand red metallic floss and one strand cotton floss for the smocking. And an xmas dress just has to have bling, so I stitched in beads. I'm thinking of using some gold lame piping for an added zing. But I may change my mind later. Sometimes what we envision and what reality holds are on opposite ends of the spectrum.
Hopefully I will get to sew this dress up tomorrow. The store manager is on a leave of absence right now. So I'm kind of playing boss. Gotta keep sewing to keep myself grounded.
Happy smocking everyone!

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