Monday, September 26, 2011

Collar for Pattern Testing

Isn't the collar lovely?! I love it. The embroidery doesn't exactly match the embroidery on the pattern I'm testing for Ellie Inspired, but Laura does want it to be a little individual. I love the satin batiste, again as with the previous post, it's a dream to stitch on. And don't you just love the luster of it?!
Well, tonight I will be a little more sewing on the dress. I need to attach the bodice lining and sash ties. I decided to use satin ribbon. My daughter never liked fabric ties as they made her back hurt when we went to church and sat down. I had never thought about that when making her dresses, but she is right the know on the bow would make my back hurt. I figured a little princess should not be complaining her dress hurts her to wear it. After all, I want a little girl to wear the dress. So no more big knots on the back of dresses. I will use ribbon or organza. Organza gives you a nice giant bow, but without the huge knot in the back. Well, onto the sewing machine.
Happy smocking everyone!