Monday, December 27, 2010

Last Bit of Sewing for 2010

I finished the bonnet for my class. Isn't it the bonnet cute on my baby doll "Madeline Grace"? The baby doll is from Ashton Drake and she wears preemie clothes. I got her a few years ago. I can smock for her for years to come. Here's a close up of her dress and bonnet.

AS&E issue 69 "Mirror Image"

AS&E issue 79
And here's the embroidery on "Madeline's" blanket. It's from Inspirations Baby.  I used rayon floss for the word "baby" and on the rest of the embroidery I used silk floss. The blanket is from a tone on tone flannel and edges finished with crepe back satin, which was a bear to do on the bias.  I've made this blanket a couple of times and will probably make it many more times.

And for everyone who is going to do my smock along sessions. The first one will be posted Tuesday, January 25, 2011. I will be doing smocked socks. The project can be completed in an evening. So here's your shopping list if you will be participating:

1 pair dress socks (you can purchase socks with lace already attached if you want)
1 skein embroidery floss, your color choice
Milliner needles (Hancock Fabrics, Hobby Lobby do carry these)
Blue wash-out marker
1" acrylic ruler, like those used for quilting
2 ribbon roses or bows
Sewing thread to match the ribbon roses or bows
Optional: needle threader

The week of February 1, 8 I will doing a smocked bonnet. The same one that my baby doll is wearing above. I will post a shopping list next week. If you want to order a ready to smock bonnet go to Martha Pullen's website. She has them for about $10, which I think is a very affordable price.
I'll talk to everyone next week. Happy smocking everyone!


The sewing room said...

What a lovely dress and bonnet your stitching is also lovely i had baby grace but i gave her to my sister for xmas as she needed a lot of cuddles since loseing her husband. I have ten reborns,as you a sewer know most of your sewing goes to others but with my reborns i get to make and keep for myself. I wish i lived near to someone who smocked and we could discuss sewing but it is a dieing art over here,oh well never mind i have the next best thing friends in blogland happy new year Pat.

The sewing room said...

Hi Jan thank you for the offer i am sure i will just waiting for the chance after the xmas rush to find time to actualy do some smocking then i might pick your brains about picture smocking as that is something i would like to do,have a good week hugs Pat.

Kellie said...

Just found your blog by the picture of this little preemie dress! I love it! I am smocking for some preemies in our area and there is something so special about smocking for such tiny little blessings.