Thursday, January 6, 2011

Worn & Weathered Wednesday

Laurie at SewNSo's Sewing Jornal is having a Linky Party, so here's my Worn & Weathered; well, actually it's from my daughter, Rachelle. Her blanket pictured here is 21 yrs. old. As you can see it's seen much love throughout the years. My mom asked her just a couple of weeks ago if she would like it to be fixed and she said an emphatic "NO!" The edges have been zigzagged and it's getting pills on it. Most of the embroidered squares are getting thread bare.

Last week I said I would post the supply list for the bonnet class I will be doing in a month. So here's the list:

Milliner needles (multi-size pkg.)

1 1/2 yds. white 3/4" ribbon

White all-purpose sewing thread

Bodkin (for threading ribbon thru back casing)

1 skein each color DMC embroidery floss:

white - B5200

Lt. pink - 818

Med. pink - 776

Lt. sage green - 524

Optional: needle threader, ribbon roses or bows

You will need a pleated bonnet. You can purchase an inexpensive pre-pleated bonnet at Martha Pullen Co. Also, Jeannie Baumeister has lovely some lovely silk bonnets. I'm very much looking forward to doing the smocking lessons with any who are wanting to learn to smock. You will find just how easy it really is; not to mention relaxing and most of all FUN!
Happy smocking everyone!

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