Friday, December 3, 2010

For Those Without Snow

Here's some snow for all you girls who don't have snow in your part of the country. I would gladly give it all to you. As you can tell by the first pic, the cat is the only one in my house who wants to go outside in the snow. You can see her cute little paw prints. The other pic is of my little car. The roads are not so nice to drive on.
My favorite season is spring with all the beautiful flowers, can't wait for us to get new fabrics in at Hancock's! So I am counting down the days until then and enduring the snow til then.
In the meantime, I'm still working on the samples for my classes I doing in the spring. I've finally finished the "Indiana" bishop. Isn't it just the most darling dress?! I'm so pleased with how this dress turned out. Time to get started on a bonnet for class.
Happy smocking everyone!

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