Monday, September 17, 2012

National Sewing Month

"The Little Seamstress" AS&E issue 69. Perfect dress to be stitching up during National Sewing Month, don't ya think?
The fabric I got in trade from a friend of mine. The only thing I had to purchase was buttons. And those I got on sale! Way to go me! I also decided to make extra white piping. I seem to be using lots of the stuff lately. So I ended up stitching up almost six yards of white piping.  
 You probably noticed an extra close spaced button. The reason I stitched it on is because the mom of the princess who is getting this dress is no so much of a sewist, more of a crafter. I didn't want her to be searching for an extra button if she needed one. I'm thinking that I should move it to just above the hem band. I don't want to move it anywhere princess will feel it and be uncomfortable. We'll see what the princess' mom says tomorrow when I give it to her.
So is everyone busy sewing during National Sewing Month? I'm getting lots of smocked dress fronts done. I'm going to be doing more pattern testing for Laura at Ellie Inspired. Pink will be involved, but that's all I'm going to tell you right now.
Happy smocking!

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5Bent Needles said...

Wow, love this smocking pattern
i sew my extra button on the inside seam, down near the hem, it's lovely to include the extra button,particularly if it is self covered, or hand made.
gorgeous work