Wednesday, June 6, 2012

From My Friend Miranda

My Friend, Miranda's daughter, Miss E is too cute in this dress. Mom says she gets compliments all over town. I'm happy mom has her wearing the dresses I make for her. Let me say that not everyone lets their daughters wear stuff I've made for them. No more for them, I'll give to those who appreciate my stuff. Anyway, this blond cutie is easy to sew for. As long as it's pretty, she wants to wear it. So of course, I have to make more princess clothes for her.

Next on my list of smocking/sewing is the dress for the Hoffman Challenge and of course, sewing for the fair. Not getting very far on the fair stuff, but I did finally purchase the Hoffman Challenge fabric and it's beautiful! I got it pleated up last night (finished a different dress front yesterday during my lunch break) and started smocking. I'm using Sulky thread for the smocking. I'm actually surprised that it's not that bad for smocking. I'm using three strands and it looks like two. I've got to go pick up some crystals to add to the smocking. After all, every girl's got to have bling in her life. Makes your personality that much sparklier.
The smock plate and pattern is from AS&E. Can't remember the issue right now. I showed the completed dress here on Jan's Smocking a couple months ago. Well, I'm off to smock and then to the bead shop and then to work.
Happy smocking everyone!

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