Saturday, June 23, 2012

"Dream Fairies" Dress

Smock plate from AS&E issue 34 "The Dream Fairies"
Dress pattern from Gail Doane's book "Sew Cute Couture" 

I finished smocking the dress front about 4-5 months ago. It seems like the only time I get to sew is on my days off. I'm having such a nice time on vacation getting time to sew. I've been staying up late at night and sewing until 3 am. The fabric is from Hancock Fabrics. Not sure if it's available anymore. It's not at my store any longer. The print I used for the piping was some I had in my stash from another dress I made awhile ago.

Here's a back view. It's a larger dress than what I usually sew, a size 8. Now to let the new friend I'm making if for know that her granddaughter has a new princess dress.
This morning a friend of mine was having a garage sale and had put out LOADS of fabric she no longer wants. Well you're probably the same as me. Tell me about a garage sale with fabric and I'm there. I recognized many pieces from a few years ago that I think I probably cut for her. Some we now longer carry, but I just had to have.
I have another dress waiting to be sewn up. All the pattern pieces are now cut out. Hoping I will have another one to share with you all tomorrow!
Here's to many more dresses!
Happy smocking everyone.


Goosegirl said...

Oh Jan! This may be my favorite of the dresses you have made!! So beautiful! Now if only I could get all my projects done so I could smock something. Ahnalin is begging for another bishop and I think it may be her last. I had better get busy! You are such an inspiration.

5Bent Needles said...

How gorgeous, I love that smocking pattern, well done for another finish.
Hope to see a post on your fabrics you purchased at the garage sale!

Nancy Lee said...

Absolutely gorgeous, I imagine you are thrilled with how it has turned out!

Louise Michie said...

This looks and sounds like the perfect holiday. No annoying passengers. No blistered feet. No sudden allergies. No indigestion. Just the complete pleasure of doing what you love whenever you feel like it. And then something beautiful as a result. This must be totally satisfying.