Monday, May 21, 2012

What a Doll

Isn't Miss E the cutest kid?! And she makes this outfit even more stunning. Her mom says she's gotten many compliments on the outfit. So of course I had to share with everyone. The lavender dress in the background hanging on the back of a chair is one I made for her also. But I can see that Miss E is a girly girl and loves the ruffles. Can't say that I blame her at all. I love ruffles as well.

This is the main fabric for the Hoffman Challenge. I love prints like this. It's just my kind of thing. Now I just need to go get some.

Here's one of the projects I'm working on for the fair.
I'm off to do some sewing.
Happy stitching everyone!


maggiebrown said...

Are you the same Jan that is on the Learning to Smock website? I just came across you smocking on Pinterest and thought you might be the same person, because the smocking is so beautiful.--Margaret

Jan said...

Yes, I am! Thanks so much.