Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Another Xmas Dress

Pattern from Ellie Inspired "Alouette" size 7. I had to size the pattern up from size 5. If you haven't checked out any of Laura's patterns, go to her website and blog. She's an amazing designer! www.ellieinspired.com

I used red cotton sateen, tulle and organza from Hancock Fabrics. If I could do anything different I would have put French Fuse on the back of the bodice fabric before pleating. Oh well, live and learn. Cotton sateen goes through the pleater super easy and stitches up like a dream! If you haven't tried using it yet, go, buy, stitch!

Sorry the pic is so orange, I forgot to put the flash on for this one. The dress is really the color of the previous two pics.

This is a costume I stitched up for a customer who came into the store where I work. She is a novice sewer and was not going to be able to finish it before her daugher was going to wear it for Halloween.

Daughter and friends decided to be the Ingalls' girls for Halloween. How cute is that?! Doesn't she make the cutest "Carrie Ingalls"?!
Well, my next project is a baby challenge on Facebook for Adorable Heirlooms. I'm going to use "Mignonette" issue 89 from AS&E.
Till next time, happy smocking everyone!


Cynthia Gilbreth said...

I love that red dress! The smocking is so nice, nothing fancy, but just right! The Little House dress is just perfect. What a great job you did on both of them!

Goosegirl said...

I love it Jan! And I so agree about smocking on cotton sateen. I use it often. I need to get some in hot pink for a client and am having a heck of a time finding that color. But I do love how it turns out.

And I love the Carrie Ingalls costume too! Ahnalin was Laura Ingalls last year for book day. She wears the dress often.