Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Outfit For October Challenge

Here's my outfit all finished for the Facebook Challenge on Adorable Heirlooms. I think it turned out pretty cute considering I wasn't sure what I was going to do with the fabric in the first place. I read there are only 4 people involved in this challenge. At least that's how many emailed in a pic of fabric they chose. Everyone else is just going to do the voting I guess. Do you think it's wrong to vote for my own project? I won't make up my mind yet, as I have not seen the other projects yet.

I used "Kewpie" from issue 93 of AS&E in size 6 mos.

Here's the little bloomers to go with. Aren't they cute? No ugly diapers showing with the baby who wears this outfit.

And this is what both pieces look like together.
I had a girl I used to work with email the yesterday and ask if I would be willing to smock her matching dresses for her 18 mos old and 4 year old nieces. Well, I said anything for a good friend like you. Now I wonder what she is going to pick out. She did say she wanted to pay me, but I said I will do the dresses for the cost of the supplies and whatever else she wants to give me is up to her.
Happy smocking everyone!


Cynthia Gilbreth said...

Too cute! I love the fabric and the smocking. I won't weigh in on voting for yourself, but I do have an opinion on payment for smocking. Unless it's a Very Close Friend or a relative, I would charge for labor. Figure out something above minimum wage for a semi skilled profession and charge that. Leaving it up to the customer can lead to bad feelings, I'm afraid.

Anonymous said...

Jan - I love your version. I've seen this dress made up in various tiny florals but your bigger scale pint is darling and I love the big pink bow.

sharine said...

Absolutely beautiful!

Debra Seithel said...

Where can I get this pattern, love what u did with it.

Debra Seithel said...

Where can I get this pattern, love what u did with it.