Sunday, March 6, 2011

When Your Computer Dies and Bishop Dress Tutorial

I was going to post an update to the bishop tutorial a few days ago, but my computer caught a virus. I had my brother come over today and he fixed it for me. He's my baby brother, but at 6'3" and about 240 lbs to my 5'2" and 165 lbs most wouldn't consider him a baby. He harasses unmercifully, but it's all in fun. Even though none of my pics of my smocked garments I've made over the past year were recoverable, most of what I've done is here on my blog. So that makes me happy. I've felt like I've had both arms tied behind my back the past few days with no computer. Makes me wonder how I got along before computers and the internet. Well, I certainly wouldn't have all of you following my goings on. Thanks for following everyone! Ok, here's the next installment of the bishop tutorial:

1. Start row 6 (in the middle) with an up cable , then stitch under cable, over cable.

2. Next we will do a 3-step trellis. First stitch in this trellis is about 1/3 of the way down the next pleat. Remember to keep your thread out of the way.

3. Step 2 in the trellis is 2/3 way down in the next pleat. Again, keep your floss out of the way. (It doesn't like to mind very well.)

4. Last stitch in this trellis is a stitch just above the pleater thread in the next pleat.

5. Next stitch 9 cables.

6. As you can see in the above pic I've stitched another trellis (this headed up) with the same position in the pleats as before. It will creat a swagged effect. Here's the stitch combination: trellis, 9 cables, trellis, 5 cables.
Go back to the middle, stitch 2 cables in under, over then stitch a trellis and pick up with the above combination.

7. You will notice at the top each swag I've stitched a cable flowerette. It's done with an (over, under, over) combo on the bottom of the flowerette and a single over cable on the top of the flowerette. If you want you can stitch bullion rosebuds instead. They look very pretty on the top of each swag. You will need to wait to stitch bullions after removing all but the top holding row pleater threads.
Stitch a duplicate row on Row 7 with the next darker floss color.

8. With the darkest floss color and stitch combo of over, under, over; find the 4th cable to stitch the bottom of the swags. Your cables should be in the middle of each swag.

Continue all the way across each swag and you will have finished all the smocking on the bishop. At this point you may remove all but the top holding row pleater threads. If you've decided to stitch bullion rosebuds now is the time to do that. You can go to my previous bonnet tutorial and see how to stitch bullions. Also, if you haven't removed the pleater threads from the sleeves, you can do so now. I'd also like to say for you to be very proud of smocking your first bishop! It's a big accomplishment!
Happy stitching until next time!


Lili said...

Thanks for sharing this beautiful project!

Anonymous said...

Great, I never knew this, thanks.


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