Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Quilt that Jerri Built

This quilt top is one made by my good friend, Jerri. Remember me saying I went to visit her in Paducah, KY awhile ago. The pattern is from Harebrained Happenings and is so stinkin' cute! Jerri does the most fabulous work on her quilts, but I have to say this one ranks up there at the top of them. She brought the quilt in to work last night while I was having class and luckily I just happened to have my camera with me (one of the times I was actually using my brains.

Speaking of my Bishop class, I will be finshing up and posting sometime Sunday, probably in the evening. Our store had inventory yesterday, so I am still kind of tired and yes I did my class on top of that. One of the students in my class is having knee replacement surgery on the 15th. I emailed her later and asked if anyone is going to provide a meal for her and her husband. If not I would like to. She took me up on my offer. I'm thinking of making a veggie soup, home bisquits and asking my daughter if she would like to make a blueberry apple crisp. All of it is sooo yumm and soup is something most people like when not feeling good, which Ann won't be after surgery.
Until next time, happy stitching everyone!

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