Monday, March 28, 2011

Sorry So Long Between Posts

Here's a pic of a couple of dresses I made a few months ago. Don't the girls look like they love the dresses? They look darling in them! I told their gramma I would post the pic to my blog.

A little over a week ago I wanted to try out my new embroidery machine and I have (had lots of fun already playing with my new toy). The reason I haven't posted for awhile is that same day I first used my new machine; I wanted to put my old machine down in it's cabinet. Well, the holder didn't hold the machine and it's one of those old machines that way a TON and are a bear to lift out of the cabinet. Since the holder didn't hold it landed on the floor and my foot was in the way. So I have lovely bruising (no broken bones though, a miracle I think). So my foot is now a beautiful rainbow of black, blue, purple, yellow, and red. This pic I just took a few minutes ago to share. And I've been running around at work with just a sock on for the past week. Fun, huh?! It's really strange, but the part that has no bruises is where it hurts and where I have bruising doensn't hurt much at all. I wish I could see what is going on inside my foot. Good thing my foot doesn't impair my smocking. I'd be rather unhappy with that turn of events. Anyway, happy stitching everyone!

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