Thursday, August 5, 2010

A New Baby Dress

I just finished a baby dress for my friend, Krista. Well, for her new grandbaby, Charlotte. The dress is the cover dress from the book Embroidered Christening Gowns, Delight, in size 6 mos. I love that dress. Any who are going to make this dress, please be careful about machine stitching around the beads. Don't want to break any needles, I only broke one. I did shorten the length from a gown to dress length.
I received my pattern for Jeannie's Sew Along. Since I want to sew most of it by hand, I need to get started on it, don't want to fall behind. Too hard to catch up. If any of you want to do the Sew Along, here's the link:

One of the girls at work had her baby last Friday, a boy she named Charley. I told her I would make his Christening outfit. I need to get with her about what size she wants. She doesn't want any smocking on it, just about killed me when she said that. Maybe I can sneak some feather stitching in there somewhere.
Hmmm . . . . there's a thought.
Tomorrow is smock night for me and I have 2 new ladies that said they wanted to learn. I need to get my stuff together for that. Happy smocking everyone!


Terri said...

Oh what I wouldn't give to come to your smocking session. Alas, I'm way too far away!

Jan said...

Sorry so late in replying. I would love to have everyone come to smock night. It would be like a big party! Jan