Friday, August 20, 2010

My Ribbons!

Today was the first day of the Fair and I just happened to have the day off. I didn't ask for it off, I have a nice boss. Okay, here's my listing of fair ribbons:
2 - second place
5 - first place
1 - Best of Show

I'm quite happy and excited over the Best of Show. Seven out of eight items placed, I didn't expect it to place, I just wanted to share with all the fair goers what I made. Isn't that supposed to be the reason we enter things in the fair anyway, to share with others, not just to win ribbons? I think if everyone were to keep that kind of perspective, they would not be dissappointed or angry. I would never argue over judgement. I don't want to be a judge, that's too much pressure for me!
I did have one of the ladies working at the fair who said she might nominate me to be a judge next year, but I said please don't. I think that's a nice thougt, but I really don't feel I could. People put there hearts into those projects and I would feel like I was dashing their hopes. That would be a terrible feeling. I don't consider myself an expert sewer, most all of my experience is self taught, with the help of sewing magazines, books and sewing shows. If you read anything in Sew Beautiful or by Country Bumpkin (A - Z books and Australian Smocking and Embroidery) you wil improve your techniques a ton!

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