Monday, March 12, 2012

Sweetest Spring Dresses

I used AS&E issue 87 "Serious Fun". Isn't this the sweetest dress?!

As anyone has read in previous posts, I LOVE PINK!

and the back is as cute as the front! For the ruffles, I used a piece of organza from my stash. After all isn't that one of the reasons we have a stash in first place? I already had two buttons left from another project. So I only had to buy one card of buttons and then I used a coupon.

Again I can't remember which issue of AS&E I got this dress from. My memory is so bad right now.

One the lighter colored stitching I used a DMC sparkle filament and a strand of light purple floss. And don't you just love the bling?!

The fabric was from Hancock Fabrics from a couple years ago.  Piping was from my stash and I did have to buy buttons and they were on sale 50% off a couple weeks ago.
So lately I'm trying to not spend full price for anything I need to buy to finish my projects. Either use a coupon or get is on sale. But sometimes, we can't do that. My plan is try thinking ahead or at least planning ahead.
Til next time, happy smocking everyone!


Chandler Heirlooms and Design said...

Wow you are really inspiring me to step it up a notch on my smocking and updating my blog. You are doing an awesome job.

Jan said...

Thanks so much. Every comment means alot to me!