Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Garment from my Stash

You'll have to forgive me, I can't for the life of me remember what issue of AS&E I got the smock plate and pattern from. I've looked through a couple dozen issues and just can't find it. I feel bad that I can't post the info for you.

Now the fabric I remember getting this on vacation a few years ago when visiting my friend, Jerri, in Paducah, KY. I was going to stitch roses in some of the hearts, but it turned out too much and I removed the one I had finished.

Sorry this pic is on the blurry side. Sometimes I don't know how it's going to look until I get it downloaded to the computer. Then most of the time I've already given the item away.
I was going to use purple buttons, but decided to use from my stash. So white buttons it was.
I'm trying to use from my stash. Like every one of you girls out there, you have plenty to choose from. And now I also have my mom's stash as of last December.

Mom was a quilter, so there are lots of tops she finished. I'm not really a quilter anymore, so I'm going to donate them to many people I know will finish them for her and pass them on to those who can use them. There are a few I will save. Like the hand embroidered butterfly blocks quilt. My sister's are not really into sewing, so all of mom's stuff is now mine. Since we lived in the same house, there's not much I really have to get rid of sewing wise. Since my two sisters aren't sewists, all mom's sewing items are mine to love. I wish my sisters had been nicer to mom while she was alive. Mom always gave tons of quilts and crocheted items to those in need. My sister's each have a daughter of the age to smock for. Nieces 5 and 8, but since they are so unkind I can't give them anything for their kids. It would be like me telling them it's okay if you treat others mean. Well, it's not okay in this chick's book. So that's the main reason I make friends with ladies who have little girls in the family. And of course, those little princesses are in love with pink.
Just last week my favorite teller at the bank brought her daughter and two grand girls into meet me and give me a treat. They wanted to thank me in person for the dresses I smocked. The girls were well behaved and I said it was a pleasure to smock for such darling girls.
Well, I need to contact another friend and give her a couple of pieces for her daughter. Now I'm off to finish up a little summer dress for one of the ladies I work with.
Happy smocking!


5Bent Needles said...

It looks like Petite Flower AS&E 63
Love the colours and finished dress

janie said...

I can relate that it is hard to sew for others that are unkind or ungrateful.....especially when it is to their own mother! Many would cherish your mom's hand sewn art.