Thursday, January 19, 2012

Vacation Project

"Marigold" issue 97 AS&E. The above photo is the true color of the dress. See what fun I'm having on vacation?!

I can't remember wear I bought this fabric. I think it was on my trip to Paducah, Kentucky a few years ago. That was one FUN vacation! I changed the dress a little from the magazine. I didn't put the ruffle at the neckline. It seemed a little more practical for a toddler. This issue of AS&E has some darn cute stuff! I'm definitely going to stitch up the two piece outfit, "Spring Song". Hancock Fabrics has the best print for the capris. A wonderful bright spring print, stay tuned for that one. Hopefully it won't be long and I'll be working that one up. So much smocking to be done, so little time!

I've also been working on the Facebook Challenge for January at Adorable Heirlooms. Here's what I have finished so far. (We are getting instructions as we go.)

And can I have another weeks' vacation please! My vacation is half over, phooey! I'm getting lots sewed and stitched in the meantime. I should have another dress sewn up tomorrow or the next day. This one is from an older issue of AS&E. It's yellow and has some black accents. And I'm also working on a lavender dress front. Again, I say, so little time!
Happy smocking!

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Goosegirl said...

Jan, you are amazing!! I can't believe how much gorgeous smocking you accomplish!! Every dress is magnificent!