Friday, January 6, 2012

January Facebook Challenge

As I stated in the title, this is for the challenge at Adorable Heirlooms on Facebook. Some people don't like Facebook, but I've met some very nice ladies there. They share my passion for smocking and sewing. Just like you the reader wouldn't be following my posts if you weren't interested and loved smocking.

I know this is at the bottom of the work. But that's how the written instructions were posted. I do usually start at the top of the garment, but I'm one who likes to follow instructions when given. Anyway, this is the first leg of the challenge completed a couple days ago. And I thought who better to share with than all my smocking friends here.

The next thing I've got to finish is the model garment I stared on last weekend for Hacock Fabrics. It seems some weeks I only get to be at the sewing machine when I'm off work for a day. I will be taking a week's vacation soon. So I'm sure I will get loads of sewing time then. But I may just want to spend my time smocking. I do love it!
Happy smocking to everyone!

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