Friday, June 17, 2011

My Promise

Here's my new ironing board cover, isn't it fun?! I loved this print for over a year. It's available from Hancock Fabrics. I'm lovin' my new again ironing board cover. Yes, I'm pressing some cotton lace for the gown I was starting to work on for the Fair, which is now almost finished. It just needs buttons.
I've most finished another dress and I have to say that you're gonna love it. I made it for a very nice customer who had become a friend over the last year. She had two granddaughters age 8. I was happy to find out their age, since I've had a dress hanging in my closet of goodies for almost a year now. I couldn't just give only one dress. So I've stitched a pink dress and the one in the closet is purple. What princess could ask for more I tell you. Of course both have blingly crystals on them. I just wish I would be there in person to take a pic when gramma gives them their dresses. I just live for moments like those!
On another topic, I hope blogger gets the comment problems taken care soon. I have some blogs I follow but can't post comments on. It's frustrating. Okay, everyone, until next time. Keep smocking!

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The sewing room said...

Love the new ironing board cover,does it make you want to do your ironing it does for me l should have a new one each week and then maybe my pile might not be so high LOL. Iam sure the two little girls will feel very special when they get their new dresses,just trying to finnish off three little smocked tops for my grands l hope to show them very soon.Have a super weekend hugs Pat.