Friday, July 29, 2011

One Down, One to Go

"Daisy" from AS&E issue 89

The first pic was a little blurry, so I'm glad I took two. I had a nice day of sewing. I still need to do buttonholes. But I think I will do them at work tomorrow on my lunch break. In the magazine it shows the dress with a collar, but when I finished mine and held it up next to the dress, all I could think was that look terrible with the dress. So no collar. It's great when you sew, you can change your mind on a whim and go in a different direction if you want.
Next Tuesday I have the day off at work, so I will be sewing up another dress. We will be having our district manager, Lisa, visiting us. I love it when she visits. Everyone is so much more energetic. I think she infuses some life back into us.
Til next time, happy smocking everyone!


Cynthia Gilbreth said...

This dress is awesome!!

I love the dusty pink fabric and smocking, and the ribbon embroidery goes so well with the colors! I can't pick colors very well at all. That's why I love kits. The dress looks great without the collar, why cover up all that lovely smocking? And you know I love those crocheted edgings!

Jan said...

Thanks, Cynthia. You say you can't pick colors very well, but I say yes you can. My suggestion is to use the colored dots along the selvage egde on the cotton. Sometimes I have to pleat up a little strip to see what I'm going to do with a particular print. Sometimes I can't seem to decide if I want the smocking to blend or stand out.

Julia said...

Oh my, this is beautiful!!!!!

Heidi said...

So cute! I love your ribbon flowers, they really add character.