Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bishop Lesson 2 and New Spring Dress

"Pretty Poppet" AS&E issue 81
I know that most of the country is stuck on Mr. Groundhog's six more weeks of winter, but I just had to get a jump on warm weather clothes with this dress. Isn't it so much fun. At least, I had a fun time creating it! Isn't that why most of us who sew/quilt/embroider/smock do our chosen form of fun?! Here's to more of the same.

If you have the original smock plate from the issue 81, you'll notice that instead of stitching bullion rosebuds, which is what the pattern shows, I used groups of sead beads. I decided that the fabric didn't want rosebuds, but sead bead flowers.

This trim and the buttons on the back I found at a scrapbook and stamping store here in Boise across the street from Hancock Fabrics. Next door to the scrapbook store is a bead shop where I found the beads for my dress.

Even though these buttons are not the exact pink from the dress, when I saw them, I just had to have them for my dress. The dress was just screaming for polka dot buttons. So I listened to the dress and got the buttons. I did check the back of the package to make sure they would be okay for clothing.
Okay, next up is the next set of instructions for the bishop dress we started last week.
As you can see I've already completed row 7 from the smock plate. I did have to take out rows 4 thru 6 to make this for a newborn.
In the center, begin with a down cable; then stitch 2 more cables. Next stitch a baby wave, which it shows me starting in the above picture. (I've shown how to stitch a baby wave on the Bonnet Lesson 1 post)

After stitching a baby wave, go ahead and stitch 5 cables.

After stitching the 5 cables, stitch a baby wave, then 9 cables.
Here's the combination of stitches for rows 7 and 8:
(baby wave, 5 cables, baby wave, 9 cables, then begin again w/ a baby wave).
Next week we will be doing the last of the smocking on this bishop. How's everyone doing with the smocking so far? Leave me a question and I'll do my best to answer. Happy stitching everyone!

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Shannon said...

The little yellow sundress is gorgeous! It's so sweet and summery. The bishop is beautiful, too.